Unit A Book Illustrations

by Tuly Atker

Tuly Akter is the leader of a Children’s Book Illustrator team. She is a cartoon lover and freelancer who resides in Bangladesh. She is currently working with various authors illustrating children’s books, poems and learning materials. Learn more at www.dribble.com/tulyakter11

Unit B Book Illustrations

by Chamelie Heshala

Chamelie Heshala, known professionally as Shala, is a 19 year old, advanced level Science student of Royal International School, Sri Lanka. While studying, Shala works as a freelancer on different platforms and has always been able to go beyond the customer’s expectations. Shaila’s artwork are mainly digital but she loves using watercolors and color pencils for her drawings. Her work is versatile and ranges from line art to colored art and cartoons to realistic art.

She also works as the designer at Step Forward Lanka, which is an organization focusing on personal development, and specifically centered around children. Shala also works as a volunteer, a designer and the director in charge of children and Environment in an international non-profit organization, and has always loved providing help for people in need.

Growing up in Sri Lanka, a beautiful and small Asian country, she has always loved engaging and observing her surroundings. Other than drawing, she loves dancing, writing, reading and being creative in any ways. Further to her credit, she published her first book based on her own experience on nature at the age of 8 years and another book at the age of 14. Both books included her own drawings. She has performed very well in her academics and has always been interested in art and design. She has been drawing ever since she could hold a pen. Her passion for drawing and putting her thoughts upon paper is growing more intense with the support of her growing clientele in Commissioned Art.

Furthermore, she had the privilege to design the cover illustrations for music albums which were appreciated by many. Her vision is to be an honest, unique and impactful commissioned artist and to be recognized internationally.