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Who can buy Reading Is Fun! Books?

Our book are available to anyone with a debit or credit card in the United States.

Where are your books printed?

Our books are printed in Green Valley, AZ and are shipped nationwide.

Are there any discounts?

Yes! Join our Insider’s Club to get a special discount.
Plus if you buy 2 or more books you get an automatic discount applied!

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"Reading books with children is a way to connect many modes of development – language development, social development, and cognitive development. It helps with relationship building and is such a valuable activity for preschool children. These useful books will be added to the Centre’s preschool library and they will use the books throughout the year for the children who attend the program. Thank you again for supporting OSNS.
~Megan Windeler

Philanthropy Associate, OSNS Child and Youth Development Centre

"I used Bob, The Mop and the Mob book yesterday with one of my new students. Although he already decodes quite proficiently and has reasonable comprehension, his oral reading sounds very choppy (though the words are correct) his speech lacks flow, and I found the book helpful as it has simple flowing sentences. I noticed that it is helping his “fluency” (reading more smoothly). He also enjoyed the activities. He is special needs (definitely on the autism spectrum). The repetition of sounds is also helpful. So though his decoding itself is already okay, the book is providing other areas of help for him!"

~Norma J Hill

Tutor & The Pen and Paper Mama

"The books are helpful to use with a grade 3 student who is struggling with reading."